Baby steps

I’m a horrible wanna-be author.
Beginning of March, and I only have a short story done, with criminal intent to see it published. I hope. I wish? … Uhm, yeah. Haven’t submitted it yet though, I will in the next couple of weeks. I just need to obsess over it some more, lol.

See, a year back this seemed like such a simple thing to do. I mean, what’s to it, right? You sit down and write. Later you may or may not want to share it – whatever ‘it’ may be -, but you write it, you go through it a couple of times, you feel happy with it. And it’s done. Right? Wrong.

Because I’m close to a year from that kind of thinking, and my philosophy on trying to get some stuff out there has changed dramatically. My perspective has changed dramatically. Writing is not easy, it’s hard work. Really hard work, if you’re doing it professionally.
I divide my view on it in two major eras, the Pre-Blog Era and the Post-Blog Era. For the last 8 or so months, I’ve been book blogging, and seriously. One review a day, by large.
All this reading that I’m doing has showed me a couple of things, the first of which is, writing is definitely not easy. It may be pleasant, it may be successful and popular if you’re a very, very lucky person, but it’s not easy. It’s not just about sitting down and typing at it like some mad person; it’s not about how much fun you’re having writing, it’s about being able to go back to that fun part and assessing it like it’s not yours. Reading it like it’s something you just bought; it doesn’t really matter if it was fun to write, the point is it must be entertaining and fun to read.

Now, with this new perspective on things, I’m giving it a serious try. It may or may not result in major failure, and if it did that wouldn’t make me special much. What would make me special would be to actually succeed. But I’m not dreaming that far, I’m taking baby steps and focusing on each one. And blogging about it, because I’ve been itching to for months now.

I’ll write something that I’d want to read and enjoy doing so. Go over it a multitude of times. Undo and rewind, cut the crappy parts out, focus on the good ones. I’ll be 25 this May, and I’ve been writing little stories, little poems and such since I was 12 or something. It’s time to be a grownup about it, give it a serious shot.

So this is me, Livia Olteano, and The Dare is back. But this time it’s not just a dream or a fantasy. This time it’s for real.

Write on!

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