First success. Bomly is giddy with excitement.

Good news, my friends!! Very good news! Fabulous in fact!!

I’m overly excited to tell you my first submission was a success. I got a “yes”, a contract and everything! I’m feeling like a million bucks right now, like I’m finally able to say I am a writer, I mean someone out there actually wants to publish little ol’me! Okay, I don’t think I should sound so surprised, lol. But honestly, I sort of am. I hope for a positive result, but I don’t necessarily count on one, you know?

My short story will see the light of day. I know, it’s not a novel going out, it’s a short story, it’s just a step along the way. But it’s the first step along this way, and with it I am now officially on the path instead of gazing at it with longing.
I don’t know if I’m supposed to blab about it, so I won’t. I mean, I don’t want to receive an email like “Well you know what? We changed our minds, neah, we’ll pass”, haha. God, I can’t freaking wait until autumn! Can’t wait!!

I think I can give out something about it though, right? It’s a darkish paranormal romance for adults. A short one, but I am working on a novel revolving around a similar concept. So I’m really hoping for some positive results for the short story, it would be a really positive thing in light of my novel project.
Honestly, as any readaholic, I’m sort of dying to read all the other stories in the anthology, because man, it’s gonna be one of the reads I’m gonna love for sure, just thinking on the theme of the anthology and I’m grinning already 😀
Bomly is so proud of me, he’s so happy! You can’t really tell, I guess, but trust me, I know 😀

I’m working on the last 2 chapters of my paranormal/fantasy romance for adults project. It’s a fun idea that sort of came to me naturally, and I think it’s a fun read. Well, of course I would, I mean I am writing it. But I’m being as impersonal as I can when looking over each chapter, making notes each time, plot questions related to each new element and how it ties in with the rest…I’m doing my best to be professional about it.
And once the last 2 chapters are done, I’ll start the massively entertaining process of combing through it, check for gaping holes or weak spots, pluck out the strong ones and pump them up…that sort of thing. I really hope my revisions won’t take me longer then the writing itself, lol.

I started working on it in September 2011, after a lot of careful consideration and analysis. I thought it out, made all my choices and stuck with them. And now I’m close to finishing it, my first ‘professional’ manuscript, the project I got into with the intent to see it through.

You’re dying to know more, aren’t you? I’m not spilling yet, it might jynx my finishing the manuscript. But as soon as I have it finished, I’ll tell you more about it.

Write on!

2 Comments on “First success. Bomly is giddy with excitement.

    • Thank you, Erica! It really is 😀
      I’m feeling so pumped thanks to it I managed to write one chapter yesterday, where it generally takes me 2-3 days to have one done, lol.
      Aaaah, the magic power of the word “yes”!!

      Thanks for being here for me 🙂

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