Last chapter thoughts.

Today I’ve officially finished the last chapter of my paranormal/fantasy romance novel, presumably one in a series of omg-I-hope-many. I’m not getting all excited, somehow I have a feeling the really hard part is just beginning.
But first things first, after I was done writing I had a crying fit. Out of the blue, I just woke up smack in the middle of it. When it was over, I felt about a ton lighter.

Truthfully, this is the first novel project I haven’t given up on at the heinous 50k point of doom. It’s something like 61k words, but when going through revisions who knows where it will go to. I’m starting those tomorrow, I mean it’s been a while since I went through those first chapters so I think it’s safe to look them over starting tomorrow.
I’m having this horrible anxiety moment wondering if things won’t tie in together well when I’ll read through it all as a complete work. God, what if I won’t like half of each chapter?…Gah. Last time I read through the first chapters I found myself giggling a few times, I’m thinking that must be a good sign, right? Of course, I would be partial to my own brand of humor, lol.

But anyways, regardless of how my 2nd draft will go, I have the 1st draft complete and it’s March. I had set myself a deadline for the end of this year to have a 1st draft. If things go as well with book 2 in the series, I might have 2 of them reasonably drafted at least in first format by the end of the year.

Of course, I’m not jumping into the second until I feel ok about the first, but I am already writing down ideas and I do have a vision of what’s going to go on and how I’m going to torture my characters at least for something like the first quarter of the second book, mwahahahaha. Ehm, yes.

Maybe I’ll be done with my 2nd draft before summer, and I’m hoping I’ll be truly all the way happy with the manuscript by my 3rd. So if all goes well, I can start querying agents this year as well, get all the rejections one has to get, get some feedback from at least on or two of them requesting either a 1st – first 3 chapters, or even a full, do the mambo again with a 4th draft, start querying all over again and ta-da!! Sometime next year I might even get a shot at this. I’m not expecting stuff to happen anytime sooner then that.
It would be lovely if it would happen at all, that’s the motto here, haha.

So there you have it, my first last chapter. Sort of exciting, right? 😀
Write on!

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