On a crusade against plot farts

So, revisions. Lulled by the easy revision of chapters 1-3, I was starting to think this thing is easy to do. I was going to fly through it in something like 2 weeks and go on my merry way to the next book in the wannabe series, and move on to querying.

And then I got to chapter 4. Major plot fart, babbling and no blood, so to speak. I was like, who freaking wrote this crappy flabby chapter? Oh, right, I did. Eheh. *makes slow retreat into the shadows*
Erase and rewind, cause I’ve been changing my mind as The Cardigans say.

I might be insane for saying this, but I’m actually having a blast with the revision process! I like poking at my own chapters and treating them like they’re part of a book for review, and I feel like so far it is paying off. Obviously I’d think so, I mean I am writing this novel, lol. But I am treating it like I’m just reviewing it, chapter by chapter.

I started revisions on 12 March and I’m at chapter 4. This one will take me a day or two, hopefully others will go as fast as the first 3 ones did though. Not all, but some. At this point my novel has 12 chapters so I’m really liking the progress rate I’m making. I just hope I’ll be able to keep it up. My personal goal for this whole revising session is to take no more then one month, by April 12 I’d like to have it all set to go.
I know, right? But hey, it’s my goal, I can always revise it. 😀

Write on!

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