Sabotage: the printer wars chronicles & Joining writer forums

I’m beginning to think I’m targeted by a poltergeist or something. If you just rolled your eyes you get a Bud on the house šŸ˜›
Seriously, every time I try to print out this contract I’m supposed to fill out and send, my printer chokes and flat lines. A couple of hours later someone else tries to use it and it works šŸ˜ I try to print my wee little contract, flat line again. Why don’t I go to a copy shop and print it there? Good question. Short answer, I always remember at the wrong time. Long answer…neah, I’ll spare you guys of it šŸ˜€

On a more positive note, I’m on track with revisions. Just got started on Chapter 6, meaning the more or less 50% point. I’m starting to think my chapters are like ginormous though. I mean, we’re talking like 5-7k words a chapter…and something like 7 scenes, most often. They need to be broken down in smaller bits rather then these chunks, perhaps. I’m SO not going to worry about that now. Seriously. Once I’ll feel cool with the content, how it’s divided will be real easy to adjust.

On another topic, I joined the Absolute Write forum. Aside having amazingly interesting topics onĀ agenciesĀ and publishers and all sorts of interesting such info, there’s also a wealth of information on basically all things writing. I’m really loving the place right now. So I slapped myself an account and trotted on into discussions. I like forums. I don’t intend to go too hardcore into it though, I’m having trouble keeping up with all of my online stuff as it is, lol.
But this place is awesome and I recommend you browse through it if you’re interested in writing, lots of really good tips and info. Actually anĀ overwhelmingĀ lot of useful info, I might need like months to lurk around and read it all.

Gotta get back toĀ revisingĀ chapter 6 now.
Write on!

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