Sometimes the plot farts win a battle, but I must win the war.

I like to think of this whole thing as plot bunnies versus plot farts. Or brain farts, think of them as you’d like. Sometimes they just get me down. Chapter 4 got me down, in close collaboration with my wisdom tooth (3rd of them to sprout…you’d think I’m becoming freaking Einstein Jr. or something šŸ˜ …), I spent the weekend in bed watching Boston Legal again.

See, I think it says a lot about me as a person that my favorite things to watch in the whole wide world are House MD and Boston Legal. I like strong, charismatic characters, quirky and sometimes straight out odd to wacky. I think it means I also like the brilliantly smart and damaged sort of goods, which is consistent with my tastes overall I guess, lol. But watching Boston Legal this weekend I got to thinking…I’m an eccentric. I know so, I’ve known so for a very long time. Not because of my TV shows tastes but because of, you know, me.
So what if things I’m finding interesting are either boring or weird to others? Meh…

Anyways, after a Boston Legal intensive care weekend my imagination was back on track and my creative juices were flowing. That sounds kinky, doesn’t it? Mwahahaha. But yeah, I got back into the ring with chapter 4 and wrestled it into submission and I’m now on to chapter 5.

Aaaaand I’m having a version of the 50k doom point going on. What if this whole thing is interesting…to me? Like, only to me? What if the style of writing isn’t working out? What if…gaaaaaaah!!
It’s a lot of progress for me anyway, because I’m having my crisis moment almost halfway through the revisions process. I’ve come up with a way to get passed it too, I just take a day off everything (including my book review blog, sadly, but I must learn to put my writing first), watch something I really really love like House MD or Boston Legal, maybe some Grey’s Anatomy episodes with my mom – she’s a big fan, and my brain sort of resets. Next day, not quite bright and early, I’m back on track all engines firing.
And I look back on the last revised chapter, I giggle a bit or snort when reading it – meaning it does entertain and engage me – and everything goes back to normal. My anxieties calm down…until the next chapter, lol.

But I’m almost half way through. It must be a good sign right? This 1 pass revision system is really working out for me right now. So there’s still hope, right?

Write on!

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