Submission, submission…

So, I sent in a submission. Pretty exciting 😀

I know, you’ll tell me to get excited when I’ll receive a yes on it, right? But this is a major point for me. I mean, this was my second submission, and both were for short stories. For some reason, I was way more nervous about this one. You’re curious to know how the first went, aren’t you? I can see it in your eyes. Well I don’t think it went that well, I haven’t really heard back from them and I submitted my little thingus in December. I’m going to take that silence as a no, lol. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me one of these weeks with a declaration of literary love (not likely, haha!). Aaanyways…

This time, I was a lot more nervous. I mean, this was my first time writing something for a specific call for submissions. I’ve never done that before. I had this idea as soon as I read the call for submissions and just, you know, got right down to it. Short stories feel a lot easier to write, because they have well under 50k words. That’s my iffy moment when writing something, the 50k barrier. It’s happened to me I think 3 times already, I have fun and have a great ride up to that point, and then I’m having the deer in the headlights syndrome and freezing.

I’d love to get some short story out, somewhere, somehow. I’m hoping once I see something accomplished I’ll have a different perspective on that 50k crisis thing. Plus, I’ve set myself another goal for this magnificent bookish year, aside finishing a 1st draft of a novel. I wanna have something out sometime this year. I’ll be sort of disappointed with myself if I won’t be able to rise to that challenge. I mean, if I can’t get a short story out, how am I going to get a green light on a novel, right?

The other exciting part of today was, I came up with Bomly. If you know my book blog, you know my mascot over there is Bomy, the little white guy with those puppy eyes and the funny tuft of hair? Haha, yeah, that’s him, you know him, you love him, admit it. Well, since this is another persona, my writing one, I obviously needed a mascot. So Bomly was born.
See that cute frowning little owl thing right there on the top of the page? That’s Bomly. A dude as well. He’s a shapeshifter. Uhuh, that’s right. When you’re not paying attention he turns into a tall, broody hottie and acts as my muse, haha.
He’s sort of frowning, because I do that too when I write, apparently. I’m in my plotting & scheming mode when I do, so I guess it takes a lot out of me, haha. My eyebrows aren’t that bushy though, lol!

I went and decked up my Facebook Page as well, pimped it with Bomly images and all that. Don’t frown at me, I can’t help it! When I see a sort of blank-ish theme like this blog has right now, my personalizations glad starts sprouting stuff out, and I just need to tweak this and do that and make it mine. I could spend that time writing, and yet I can’t help but go into some gfx.
When the mood takes me there, I follow. I’m very Lykke Li like that, haha. You know her, right? And her fabulous Follow song? Right? Let me know if you don’t, I’ll paste it up here.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for this short story to see the light of day, shall we? Until next time…

Write on!

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