My Muse has left the building? …

It’s been a week and I haven’t written anything. I’ve sent out a couple more submissions, but at this point I am battling with a hint of futility. I know this is the make or break of it really, if I crack under the pressure of waiting then all my work would have been for my enjoyment only. It’s not a bad thing to do things for your enjoyment only, but I’d like to have done things for the enjoyment of others as well. Wishful thinking, I know right?

My fun YA project is, at the moment, on stand-by. I’ve run into this little thing, I need to figure out this really smart but funny scene. Yeah, the juice ain’t flowing here. *sighs* Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth, and sometimes my nails hurt from typing so fast. I wish I could do that norm of words per day thing, I really do. I was never one for that sort of thing though. I work well with diversity, doing this particular thing every day isn’t a productive environment for me.
Of course, diversity can result in the block as well. *shrugs*

On the other hand, I’m contemplating beginning to work on the second manuscript of the PNR, but if the first manuscript is still sitting in my lap basically, won’t it be a bad investment of time? I’m not that eager to write it right now anyway. I want the characters and the plot to sit in my mind for a while, to settle. Working on something would help my creative juices, or so I thought.

My third project, a space opera, slightly dystopian futuristic romance project is going…strangely. I have these bursts of ideas for it, but when I sit in front of the screen to actually write them down I’m finger-blocked somehow. I keep questioning the tone of the writing, the voice of the characters. Well, of my female lead anyway. Is she a rebel, or does she, in fact, long to conform? The male lead is easy to figure out for me, it’s the female one I’m having trouble with. Women, right? *rolls eyes*

So yeah, that’s what’s going on right now. Or what’s not going on right now. Trials and tribulations, the joy!
Write on!

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