Query Hell is…boiling?

Well here it is. Querying.

I’m done with edits, though of course I will always have doubts and changes of heart. That’s just my nature. I’m the kid that was always surprised of getting the highest mark, though I generally had mostly those anyways. I’m the one that gets sort of awkward when being complimented on something done well. That’s just me. So I’ll never be like “Omg, if you don’t like my stuff there’s something wrong with you, you evil thing!”, I’ll be more like “Pfft, of course it’s not good enough”. I don’t get depressed or anything, I just shrug it off and move on.

So I think I am braced for the rejections. It will suck to get them, of course, but I don’t think it will be very dramatic to get them. Right now I have 6 targets to query. These are my first picks. They will all reject me, I’m almost sure – I’m a bit of a pessimist, you know? – so I have to start working on my second batch of queries. These guys in the second batch are the kind of agents that require something other then a query or a few pages as sample, they also require a synopsis.
I sort of grouped them into batches based on their submission requirements.

Now all I have to do is wait for my rejections, look up other names, group them in batches again. Rinse, repeat. Right? Oh and yeah, keep going with book #2, at least as outline. Or another book altogether. I do have one project started and another one in the thinking stage. Just forget about this one for a couple of weeks or so.

Easy, I have like a mountain of book to read for the book blog anyways.
I actually think my book blog is a blessing, all the time of course but especially in times like these. Because I do have a lot to do for it, so I don’t have those moments of just spooking myself out and shivering with anxiety. So, I’ll just slide into reading. Again.
Ask me not how often I’ll check my email. I have it set to jingle when I get new emails, so I will only check after the jingle, lol.

What do you guys do while waiting for the reactions to queries?

Write on!

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