Website set up. Theme set up. First real announcement.

Ok, so, first news is I got myself a domain and moved my stuff under it. While the NetworkedBlogs Follow widget has made a smooth transition, the Feedburner might have not. There’s been some fiddling, mainly done by me, as a result you guys will have to resubscribe I think. I’d meant to start it off right, not have to fiddle with things, but at least I managed to get a move on and set things up pretty decently in a short time. I still have to fiddle a bit with the themes, but by large it’s all set up:

Livia Olteano Blog – obviously my writer’s blog, where I’ll be ranting my pretty nails off about stuff and amuse you all, hopefully.
Livia Olteano         – official writer’s website. Only publishing related news will show up there, like deals, books coming out, that sort of thing.

Don’t stress if you’re not into following 100 blogs by the same person, I’ll post notices of things going up on the site here on the blog as well. Cool? Are you guys loving the themes? xD Sorry, can’t help myself.

The real announcement is my short story Mistress will be a part of the Sinister Seductions Anthology, to be published sometime in September by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. The whole announcement is up on my site here, you can reach it through the slide on the main page as well.
Yeeey, right?? Can’t wait till September. Seriously!!

And since we’re talking things, I’ve gotten 6 rejections so far from agents I’d queried about my PNR project. Let’s hope one of the agents out there will be brave enough to pick it up, I realize 6 rejections is like super few and I’ll most likely get a hundred more before I find The One True Champion for my project. I’m feeling strangely cool with these rejections so far, I mean of course I would have loved to grab one of those agents, but there’s still a lot of targets on my list. I’m not freaking out, it’s way too soon to do so.
Ask me again in about 3 or 4 months though, I’ll be totally freaking out by then I’m sure.

I liked the fact these guys got back to me in a reasonable amount of time, anywhere between a couple of days to two weeks. I still have out something like 10 queries at this point, and there will be a lot more of them going out. I just hope more of them will be as quick about their answers, positive or negative. I’m not ridiculous, but I’d like them to stick to their own timelines, you know? That way I won’t be in a stupid position if they get back to me after I’ve started on the next step of things. Aaaaanyways…

Also on the writing front, I’ve began writing a steampunk YA novel. I dunno if it’s a good moment for it or not, if it’s gonna go well or not, what the hell. I just had this urge to write this thing, it’s very fun for me to do because I’m doing this NeoVictorian sort of society with punk-ish twists, I mean it’s a lot of fun to think up and write about! 😀
I didn’t go in too deep though, lol, just started writing it down after writing out a general outline and world description and such, I’m like around 3k words at the moment. But I’m having a good feeling about it, you know? We’ll see how the writing for this one goes, I’m really curious if it’ll take me more or less then it took me to write the PNR thingy.

Plus I can take advantage of the fact I’m out hunting for agents, I’m putting together my list for potential agent targets for the YA as well as going through the one for the PNR. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Cool stuff. So yeah, this is all that’s been going on, I know I didn’t update lately but it’s been Easter and all, I’m just getting back into the saddle now, lol.

Write on!

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