No news is good news. Right?…

Wishful thinking, heaps of it. Well not heaps, more like lively little chunks. Mmyeah.

I know this is kiddish to do, and yet I’m doing it anyways. What the hell, right? I’m working myself up to see no reply as a maybe positive thing. I’ve gotten quick rejections, thought out rejections (or at least late ones to come in….), and I am now preparing myself for what will feel like final rejections.

I have 3 of them that I’m really focused on. If all 3 turn out to be rejections, I will be devastated. Well not devastated, but, you know. Truly saddened. I mean, these 3 submissions I’m talking about, they’re like the meet and bread of it really. If they become fat old rejections, then the project is either going to the rest of my options,  or getting some down time, possible revisions.
I know what’s one thing someone would want me to revise, the ending. This is meant to be part of a series, it’s a….series ending. Not a cliffhanger, I hate those. They feel like the author sneaked out on me right there at the end. Does that drive me to read the next book? Not really. It’s the characters that will drive me to read the next one. As a hardcore reader I’m really trying to write the stories I’d want to read, though of course these things are really personal so they might end up being perfectly irrelevant. The joys of it all, huh?…

But, looking on the bright side, I’m writing again. In these bursts of 2k words and a couple of days breaks at this point. But, you know… and, I’m working on my 2 other projects, the steampunk YA and the other sci-fi-ish/space opera-ish romance project. They’re very different in tone, so it’s a lot of fun to write them more or less at the same time.
It takes me some focusing to get into the right mindset for either of them when I’m trying to force it out. But I tend to not write unless hit by a sudden burst of inspiration, and when the burst hits it’s always focused on a particular story, on a particular character.

Right now I’m at Chapter 3 I think of the YA and at revised chapter 2 of the space romance. While I’m trying really hard to keep the YA mindset for the first, I am utterly debauched adult on the second. Well, not debauched debauched, just… slightly debauched. So far. This little sci-fi/space-opera-ish romance project is like my little play zone, I started working on it a while back, but never really went very far with it. I am now, so yeey.

Let’s focus on the positive here. Have I ever mentioned I’m a hardcore pessimist by nature? Yeah, good luck with that, right? *sigh*

Write on!

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