One R down, two to go. No news is bad news.

Well, it comes with the territory. The dreaded Rejection Email. One of my 3 submissions was rejected – I’m not actually very surprised. I mean, sure, I was hoping they wouldn’t R, but I was half-expecting they would.

I think the rejection itself is sad news to receive, but it’s a lot, a lot better then waiting for the news, for me. Not like I’m wishing for quick R rather then a slow to come green light of course, but if it’s gonna be a R, give it to me asap 😀 I’m of the band-aid philosophy, rip it away, let’s be done with it and move on.

I got that special flutter in my heart when I saw the reply email, of course, and I wished it wouldn’t be a rejection, obviously, but I took it sort of well I think. I mean, no meltdowns, no personality crisis, and more importantly for me, no heartbreak. I have a clear view of just how lucky a break it would be for me to actually be accepted with any MS, just because there’s so much talent out there already and fresh one popping out at every corner. Being rejected doesn’t feel like a personal thing, it doesn’t hurt my feelings or catapult me in despair and anguish.

It just means this wasn’t a good fit. It may or may not be a good fit with another publisher, we shall see.
My MS may need more work, because I think you can never really be done with one anyways until you stop working on it and just send that sucker out in the world, lol, but it’s not necessarily that. It’s like going out on a date – it’s a wonder if you’re gonna be a good fit with your date, not a tragedy if you aren’t, you know?

I think a major help in reaching this point was having a book blog for a good while. It gives me a different perspective on things for sure, and I’m very grateful and thankful for it. A year and some change ago, I wasn’t able to show anyone something I’d written for real, I just couldn’t overcome the anxiety of it not being good enough. Blogging had such a dramatic therapeutic effect on me, I can’t believe it myself. From anxiety over showing anyone anything to being able to submit a MS and not be heartbroken when I get the R, I mean, that’s a lot of progress you have to agree, right?

I may or may not freak out over getting all 3 R’s though, so I’m not doing the dance of equilibrium yet. Of course, being the good little OCD-er that I am, I’m working on contingency plans already, next steps, other options. I would like to go with one of these first 3 options, true, but I would also like to go with quite many others. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that there are quite a lot of possibilities out there, and I’m honestly going to calmly and methodically go through all of them after giving it all a healthy amount of thinking and strategical planning.

And if after going through them all there’s still no go, I will just give my project more thought. Rethink it perhaps, go through revisions again, maybe drop it in favor of others for a while. The one thing I know is I’m not stopping writing, I’ve just begun. I’m at that stage where I’m still figuring out what exactly it is I want to write as far as genre goes, or maybe I want to write all sorts in fact. All my projects together go over a sort of large variety of genres, adult and young adult, sci-fi-ish, steampunk, paranormal, fantasy, lgbt…see what I mean? I’m still finding my style I guess, though the writing is consistently leaning more and more towards a clearer style, I think.

The best way to get over a rejection is just to keep writing. I’m not giving up, this just means I have to try harder, focus more and dedicate myself more to my dream. As my high-school motto is, there’s no such thing as I can’t, it just means I’m not trying hard enough. So it’s pretty easy, right? Just try harder and keep writing, I know I’ll get there someday, there’s no doubt in my mind about it.

Write on!

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