The first query that wasn’t a disaster.

So, I finally got the first positive reply to a query. This was my…*counts*…10th version I think? Shorter, more in style of the manuscript itself I think, a bit more on the fun side since that’s how I end up writing, lol.

I got a request for a full on it, which is very exciting. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I am happy that a query finally got something more then the R. It’s sort of frustrating I think for a writer to be rejected based on a one page long query letter, you know? I mean, you spend all that time working on your manuscript, you revise it until your fingers bleed, and then you finally feel like it can be sent out there to face the world people start saying shoo to it without even taking a look. This stuff is really tough, but I think it’s good education.

I’m taking this as a positive sign, even if it’s going to be a R. At least I know the query was interesting to someone, this means I’m on the right track, right?…Right. I’m working on a list of pubs I wanna submit to, but I’m giving each batch of submission something like a week or two space in between. Self preservation reasons, can you imagine if I send many out at once and they ALL come back R at once? I’m holding on quite well right now with rejections coming in now and then, but to get an overload of them….*shivers* It might cause me a trauma, lol.

In the meantime I think my writing is going better. There’s a good reason for it, I got myself a laptop that I refuse to connect to the Internet. I spend the morning&part of the day reading, writing reviews and stuff for the book blog, working on some themes if I have any to do, and then I shut down the desktop PC with the Internet connection and fire up my MiniMe and I write. On a good evening I’ll do a 2,000-3,000 words, on a less good one I’ll do zilch, lol. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and I don’t want to force it.

I’ve had MiniMe for about two weeks now, and I’m very happy with the impact it has on my creative process. It’s really hard to find a balance between being the book blogger who posts on a daily basis, reading the books for review and setting up stuff, and working on my writing. It’s a struggle to find the right balance between these two things I care a lot about, but I’m working on it and at some point I’m sure I will find a balance. I can’t give up on either, I simply can’t.

But anyways, I finally got a positive response to a query. Which probably means I’ll get the R in a month or so, but hey, let’s think pink here, right? Right.

Write on!

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