The subtle art of revising while writing other 2 MS

The problem with a hyperactive mind is you get hyperbusy following through on your projects. And then you get hyperstressed out for not being speedy and efficient enough on all tangents of your rambling ideas. Or maybe that’s just me?

The good news is, after a first submission that wasn’t a disaster came a first reply that wasn’t a “no”, a “not strong enough” – shudders, or a “not this one but we’d love to see some other stuff”. I’m making clear progress, I got the first “maaaaaaaybe”, which I feel is big progress and amazing news. I’m doing something moderately right, and things are bound to go better in the future, I’m sure. I’m totally not being overly optimistic about it, shut up!

So I’m revising my PNR project, as asked. I have one thing to tell you guys about it, I’m actually having fun revising this project. Why?
For one thing, I can literally feel the fun level of my MS growing as I revise. I think it’s going to be a lot better with these changes, the first chapter feels much better with the revision. The word count is also sort of going up at this point, not by much, but it did already by something like 2k words. Not a good sign, I say, but I’m still under 75k so I refuse to panic. Besides, as the revision progresses, some chapters may shrink as well as improve, so I’m playing it cool right now. A reconfiguration of chapters or something along those lines might ensue, though, which was foreseeable. The stuff is big, lol.

The main reason why this isn’t as stressful as it could be is I have this little schematic of the MS from the first revision I did after finishing up the first draft. I’ve got a plan of each chapter by scenes, what characters appear in them and a suggestive real short description of the settings. Now that I’m going with some structural revisions, I can’t tell you how good this little plan is. I have a written map of what I have to operate changes upon without brushing through the pages each time. This is gold. So my advice to you is, as you go through your first draft and revise it, make a plan of the chapters, just in case. It costs you little time to do so and it might be a real big help when other edits might be needed.

Of course, with all the fun comes the horror of wondering if what I’m doing isn’t enough. But I won’t bring you or myself down by dwelling on this particular tangent, lol!

This project of course has now center stage, the other 2 being put on hold until I do this. I think. Which is sucky, because I had this space opera thingy close to done in first draft and a good chunk of the YA project written and outlined, edited the outline and revised, and going strong on finishing the first draft too.
But hey, priorities are really important, and right now the priority is revising the PNR.

So all in all, after a long silence I report good news and progress. Vive la Revise-ation! 😀
Write on!

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