First stop on the Sinister Seductions tour: Lisa’s World of Books

So, after philosophy, some good news! Sinister Seductions is now on tour, yeey! I’m terribly excited about it, and I can tell you guys I also did my first author guest post for a stop on this tour, it’s the last one I think, on November 26 at Day Dreaming Book Reviews. I think you’ll enjoy it 😀 But I’ll tell you about it when the times, no worries.

Today the tour started with a lovely review from Lisa @ Lisa’s World of Books, head on over if you’d like to read it, it’s a short and sweet review with some penguins making an appearance.
Seriously, what more could we all want? I heart penguins 😀

Next stop: a book spotlight over at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on November 3.
Shut up, I’m not plugging, it’s just a book spotlight like I’d do for any other author who asked :p

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