I guest posted as author for the first time: Dark Lover at What Daydrmzzz are made of… + Rants i.e. the usual

The bad news is the Sinister Seductions tour is now ending. The good news is it ends with a guest post by yours truly suggestively entitled Dark Lover. It was fun to do the tour thing, I’m looking forward to new opportunities for it.

Back into my writing world, after the awesome news of The Heracian Affair finding a home with Dreamspinners, I’m working on a couple of projects again. Another novella to work out all of my spicy romance demons, lol, and trying to give the new adult angle a shot.

I like the concept of new adult in a way that makes me grin, to be honest. It’s like the best of both young adult and adult worlds, something like a promised land that I’m hoping I’ll find my way to. Of course this means thinking the steampunk project in a bit of new terms, but I’m doing it with enthusiasm. And lots of coffee, which means I’m generally happy. A lot of coffee does that to me ūüėÄ

My agent crush is still going strong. I’m hoping this will motivate me to really dive into that creative juice and fish out some good stuff. That sounds entirely more strange then the image in my head, but hey, not like I’m working with words or anything, right?

I read these really, really awesome rules for the Writing Cave over at Tammara Webber’s place and I instantly loved it. I loved Tyler Durden so it makes extra sense, too.
I call mine the #WriterBubble , a special place I go to in my head while I write. It demands serious amounts of coffee and/or black tea to maintain the engines running, all phones on silent or shut off, no Internet access and no conversations going on unless they happen in my head or on the page. Full furniture mode, you may call it. I’m there, but I’m not and there’s no real way to reach me until I get out of my bubble.
It’s a complete necessity to do it or else no writing will ever get done for me. What with the book blog and my general fangirling over zounds of books, lurking on Twitter and Goodreads for my readaholic needs next fix and such, actually writing needs to get its own time and I have to be strict to keep those appointments. Those pages won’t get written on their own, and I wouldn’t want them to. Well, ok, maybe a little now and then, when there’s this one scene or moment or plot fart I can’t seem to win against. I¬†secretly¬†fantasize ninja writers jump out of the woodwork and attack that MF, tame it and then I attack with the final blow to nail it.
Don’t tell anyone about the ninjas, it’s like the uber top secret, hush hush black-writing-ops thing.

But yeah, I’m going into the bubble and I hope to be there during December, too. May the writerly gods (and secret black-writing-ops ninjas) be with me.
If by any chance I get lost in there and don’t make it out again this year, Happy Holidays and all my best to all of you out there!

Write on!

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