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Myeah, after sort of completing the YA project I now feel it’s really going to go more NA. I think NA will be the best home for me, I dunno if I can properly feel these young adult characters. There’s something about their ages and the action they go through that doesn’t match up all the way in my head, I keep thinking, this kid is just too young for this, that, and that other. New adult span seems like this Grail area right now, a space in which characters would make sense through and through for me. Hopefully for others too.

So my efforts to go YA will now be rerouted to the promised land of NA. Of course, this means I gotta rethink a bit some things since I now feel I can unleash my evil writer instincts on characters and story, so some changes are totally in order. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this content edit by end of this year as I’d initially intended, but I am going to start working on it hard and see how it goes.

I’m feeling very inspired, I’ll admit. It’s so fall right now, rusty leaves, soggy days with rain and beautiful clouds making the sky grey. There’s nothing better, nothing prettier then fall. Don’t you think so?

Still waiting to hear about a MS and a novella thingy. In the meantime I’m working on this NA project and eating donuts. Don’t roll your eyes at me, donuts are a professional necessity! How is a girl to stay inspired otherwise? Lots of coffee and the occasional donuts. And more coffee. This equals total win, admit it. :p

The other main thing that happened lately is I totally got an agent-crush. Not giving names, but baby I’m in lurve. She’s just so pure win, I get this amazing vibe that if I ever were to have an agent, she’d be my one and only. It’ll be heartbreak when she gives me the R most likely, but I’ll keep my daydreams and agent-lust going until then. She’s just so win, you know? So all I have to do is hit that hook perfectly for her. Pffft, I can dream at least. And try.
Because this is what I decided to be about from now on, dreaming and trying. Always.

Write on!

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