Let it snow, let it snow…

Or better yet, don’t. It’s snowing too much already. Winter has fallen over us without mercy. It’s so very cold, snowing and the Holidays are fast approaching.

As I generally tend to, during this time of the year I’m inspired to write the most dramatic and turbulent stories. Maybe it’s a knee-jerk reaction to all the cheer around, I’m not sure. So my current WIP-s are taking a turn for the dramatic, which may be a good thing. I guess it balances out the less dramatic, more evil calculating plotting I’ve been working on for like a month.
It’s sort of very me to not be either a clear plotter or a panzer. I tend to be more of one and then more of the other, then things go towards dramatic tension and I focus on that for a while, then I need to plot some more but then I end up panzing it and find the outcome is better then what I had been trying to plan. To make a long story short, I seem to be the all over the place sort of writer. It’s like a Brownian motion of creating stuff.

When I was out with a friend a few days ago she asked me sort of awed (and sweet) “How do these things come to you? Where do you come up with them?”. I’d just told her the short version of the story in The Heracian Affair, the novella that’s coming out spring 2013 with Dreamspinner Press, and she was actually more excited about it then I guessed she could get. I found out I was really hyped to talk about it, the excitement that was clearly visible on her face sort of got me all the happier to talk about it. Of course, she’s a friend, so she’s supportive by default I guess, but there was real excitement there and it made me feel happy. Not that I wouldn’t take lack of excitement well, I do, but it just feels nice to see someone get so enthusiastic about the fruits of your labor.
And since she asked me I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how it is that these stories and characters are born inside my head. Because obsessed with efficiency as I am I thought maybe by figuring out my creative process I could improve it somehow, steer it in the right direction to make even more of it. It may have been a mistake… 😐

One of my WIP-s is trying to migrate to the third person narrative from the first person it’s in now. I’m experimenting with it, but I have a real bad feeling in my gut that having reached the standard 50k full-stop changes are imminent. I’m a panzer at edits as much as I am at writing, I think. They just rush upon me in a moment of clarity and then I’m redoing this thing, changing that other, adding this new one and mixing it all up. Like a permanent process of upgrading the story, you know what I mean? I get scared sometimes that I’ll get lost in this process and never actually find the ‘it’, just like my character Rizzo in the before mentioned novella. Maybe I should learn more from his story and apply those lessons myself, which is ironic since coming from my Brownian mind I should have been aware of the ‘lessons’ in there sooner. Meh.
Either way, I’m taking the dive and going with my gut feeling on this. Besides, if I don’t like the third person I’ll just scratch that and return to the first person I have going on now, not like I have to choose, do I? Not yet.

So I’m still in the #WriterBubble zone, come what may. And just in case I don’t make it out of it until the Holidays, I wish you all Merry Christmas and one uber-Happy New Year!
Let is snow, let it snow, let is snow… 🙂

Write on!

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