Authors, readers, reviewers – the never-ending story

I read this awesome blog post today, A Call for Diplomacy, Courtesy, Kindness, Whatever … by Rick R. Reed. Essentially, it talks about 3 sides of the book world – I cal them ‘teams’: Team Author, Team Reader and Team Reviewer.

I appreciate the call to diplomacy, courtesy and kindness, and I agree with that 100%. We’d all live in a better world if everyone would try to be kinder, right?
Discussions of the topic are interesting, but they don’t tend to end in a bout of kindness, courtesy or diplomacy. In fact, they often end in someone from one Team telling others what they should do and how they should be doing it. Whenever someone does that, my natural reaction is, “Oh, if you’re so informed and aware of how to do it right, by all means, don’t let us keep you from it.”

I’ve seen all sorts of opinions from one Team about what the others should do or say. I’ve had my own.
If you read anything and you know how it could have been done better, don’t waste your time telling that author. Get your writing tools and start writing your book. If you think you know how a review should be written, by all means, become a reviewer. If you’re certain of how readers should react to it, then read that book and react to it that way. You’re fully right, no matter what your opinion is. You’re just not any universal authority on the topic to tell anyone else your opinion is fact.

Nobody’s opinion is fact. It stands for all 3 teams.

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