And the good news keeps on coming…

I’m delighted to tell you that my little darling, The Heracian Affair, that we’ve been talking about since March 20 (date of its birth), will have a sibling in autumn, lol!! *runs around screaming*

Okay, okay. I’m calm. A girl can freak out a bit about these things, it’s only natural. Shhhh, don’t ruin my mood by saying otherwise. Freaking out is my prerogative, lol. I write, I read, I blog, I freak out therefore I am.

So, Sandstorm Heart will be out from Dreamspinner Press sometime in autumn. What can you expect from it? Some more of the space opera (I call it) world you saw in The Heracian Affair – that is to say, some more of that feel. But not the same world or creatures, new stuff, lol. New stuff, new characters, same themes of BDSM (meh) / Kink (oh, yeah) and D/s but with a different twist. Maybe some hotter stuff then in The Heracian Affair or more hardcore a wee bit, still no non-con. Intense, but not non-con. I love reading some dubious-con and the occasional non-con with the right spin, but so far my writing explorations haven’t taken me into that land yet. Maybe they will, who knows.

The whole point of the Space Files R is to explore imaginative space and couple chemistry&dynamics. And torture characters, because I love to do that. They love it too, I swear! Win-win situation all around, I get my kicks out of torturing them, they get their kicks and then some, and then we all enjoy them. Totally sounded dirtier then it is. ^__^  But yeah.

Sandstorm Heart will be a bit more dramatic maybe, but if you read and liked The Heracian Affair, I think you’ll enjoy Sandstorm Heart. Rizzo and Conrad were really fun to play with and I love them lots, but I can’t wait to introduce you guys to Ron and Zaoh. You’ll have a blast following them to their happy ending, hur~hur.

*runs around screaming some more*

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