Blitzkrieg Love will be on tour & other news xD

I believe you’ve caught on to the fact I love virtual blog tours. There’s something so succulent and pleasantly tingling about a schedule that is followed, about the day-to-day joy of spamificating the blogosphere… so addictive, right? Eheh…

So, I’m very happy to tell you I’m basically spending the summer spamificating. It’s what I’m good at. I spamificate therefore I am. šŸ˜€
Blitzkrieg Love will be on tour June 24 (aka publication date) – July 22 {weekdays, on the weekend we’ll all be busy soaking up the sun, or in my case, hiding from it}, but before that June 3rd will be the awesomesauce cover reveal day. Now, I’m biased, but the snazzy mockup I’ve seen promises a lot of yummy. I can’t wait for you guys to see Beatrice on that cover, and of course meet her and Anthony later on.
I’m very, very excited for this June to happen. Times goes by so slowly right now, gah. *inhales deeply*

I suck at waiting, let me tell you. You already know, I’m sure. Real easy to notice it, haha. But luckily for me, I won’t be just waiting. šŸ˜€ The second part of today’s good news is that Gargoyle Addiction {Otherworlds Summons #1} will go under the careful eye of my editor soon. I can’t wait to have the edits done, then tackle the (most likely, soon-to-be-horrifying) process of tying up all the loose ends and unleashing Kann and Karla upon the unsuspecting public. New Adult Paranormal Romance, a good bit of story and some yummy romance (I’m biased, I know :D) will be coming your way sometime July.
I’ll be closer to knowing the actual date sometime in June, most likely, and will spamificate you about it.

In other news, I’ve been ridden hard by my muse lately. *looks over her own words* Geez, it sounds so X-rated, haha. But it is kind of hardcore, when the muse hits and it does so without mercy. So I’m galloping through the 1st draft of the second book of the Otherworlds Summons. And some birds are chirping really, really loud right outside my window. Maybe the X-rated talking attracted them? Uhm, yeah, as I was saying… I’m writing, so yeeey!

Am I working on some of my other WIP-s as well? But of course, haha. On like 2 of them. A 3rd one is again in standby. But I’m not too worried, I’ll have to wait for stuff to happen in July too, then again sometime during fall (or maybe more than once, we shall see) – my point is, I’ll have to wait therefore I’ll write, haha. Fingers crossed I’ll have some more goodies to show soon.

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