Talking about The Piatra Gargoyles, Top Ten Foods Beatrice Loves & #GargoyleAddiction news

Today is the last stop of the Blitzkrieg Love tour, we visit Roxanne at Fang-tastic Books with a top ten list of Bea’s favorite foods. Today is the last chance to enter the tour giveaway, so if you haven’t already entered but you’d like to, this is your chance 🙂

The Gargoyle Addiction tour stopped by Stacy’s blog Urban Fantasy Investigations with a guest post on the Piatra Gargoyles.

And today’s blitz stop is Imagine a World and Two Tall Tales.

In other fun news, Gargoyle Addiction made it in the top 100 of an Amazon category, Psychics, thanks to the character Ela Deville’s awesome gifts. I wish there’d be a Gargoyles category for Paranormal Romance on Amazon, but hey, who knows? Maybe there’ll be one, lol 😀 For now, as fleeting as these stats are, I’m happy for them.

Thank you for your support!

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