Visiting A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books today & #GargoyleAddiction exciting news!

The Blitzkrieg Love tour visited Christina at A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books! πŸ˜€

Go over if you wanna enter the tour giveaway! There’s also a review coming up on the blog sometime today, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

In other news, very, very exciting news, Gargoyle Addiction, my NA spicy paranormal romance will be released early, meaning sometime this weekend. After much work, all the formatting is done, everything is smexed up and ready to come out πŸ˜€

But that’s not all the good news I have. The even better news is July 15, Monday, the big release boom events start. The lovely ladies, Roxanne from Bewitching BT and Giselle from Xpresso BT, will help me get the word out. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

The Bewitching tour will be a month long sprawling fun event, with lots of Gargoyle Addiction ecopies up for giveaway. I’ll give you the schedule on Monday so you can follow along as I spamificate the blogosphere in July and August.

And I’ll be coming to a blog near you thanks to Giselle’s help in July 15 – 25, with more ecopies giveaways and a $30 PayPal giftcard giveaway, because I know you have reading needs just like me, and what better way to celebrate a book release but show book lovers some love? πŸ˜€ If you wanna sign up for the blitz, just check out Giselle post and I’ll let you know on Friday what’s the schedule. You’ll see some super fun excerpts on this blitz, so stay tuned!

And then, of course, there’ll be a book tour in September, 9 – 16, on which I’ll give you details later on.
I hope you won’t have gotten fed up with me by then, lol!


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