Talking about Piatra and a 4 stars review!

Today the Gargoyle Addiction tour stopped by Urban Girl Reader, where Lynn gave Gargoyle Addiction a lovely 4 stars review and I talked about the Piatra world in a guest post.

Please do stop by and read Lynn’s thoughts, and enter the tour giveaway.

Also, since a few lovely reviews have already sort of touched on the topic, I will say that book #2 of Otherworlds Summons, which is about halfway done in 1st draft, doesn’t feature Kann and Karla as main characters, though their story does somewhat continue via the new main characters 😀
If you’re curious who the main characters are, let me put it this way: one of them is an ancestor of Kann 😀 And as soon as I’ll have some idea of when it will be out, scout’s honor I’ll tell you guys all about it.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually been a scout, but that shouldn’t influence your faith in me xD

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