End of a tour, close to the end of a fabulous year :)

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The Dragon Craving tour has stopped over at A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books and Indy Book Fairy. The tour giveaway will be over soon, and once I get the winners I’ll send out the prizes asap.

I’d like to thank everyone for participating, following, commenting, not to mention reading & reviewing Dragon Craving. Your support means a lot and it’s highly appreciated.
If we’d summarize opinions expressed so far, readers who had enjoyed Gargoyle Addiction enjoyed Dragon Craving even more. I can only hope to entertain you all even more with the third novel, Gargoyle Guardian, that’s planned to come out late spring 2014.

I might not be online to tell you then, but check out Tiffany’s blog on the 27th this month. Since I’m pretty sure I won’t be around 1st of January, do visit Indy Book Fairy to read their review of Dragon Craving, though you can read some of Carrie’s thoughts on Goodreads already.

I confess I’m nervous about the end of 2013, because it was one of my best ever years to date. I finally started the journey to be what I’d always dreamed but didn’t dare hope to become – an author – and I find myself looking at 2014 as the year when I’ll hopefully reach a couple more of my goals. I have some goals, both for Liv Olteano and Livia Olteano, some new projects (always).
I’m very happy with how this year has played out for me. It all started with a resolution type of goal back in 2011, and it feels now like I found my way shockingly fast once I knew where I wanted to go. But then again, it’s figuring out what it is you want, what’s your place in the world that’s the toughest part. Once you know, it’s not that difficult to make it happen if you’re really driven.

Sure, I won’t lie, many of my goals for my overall writing career (and I dare say that, feeling way more optimistic about my chances of actually having one than I would have ever imagined I might be) aren’t within my reach yet, but that’s good. It keeps me motivated, and since I’ve always been the goal-driven type of achiever (modesty aside, lol), this all feels all the more natural – like it’s meant to be, like it’s my place in the grander scheme of things. I’ve been lost in the past, aimless, depressed even because without a dream one feels they can work toward what point is there to life? Now I have goals, I know I can work toward them and I am, giving it my best, my all – and I’m truly happy doing that.

For all of my readers out there, thank you dearly for embarking on this adventure with me, whether you enjoyed my work so far or not so much, I appreciate you being there to give it a try, to get to know my characters, my worlds, my thoughts. Thank you for supporting me, for giving my characters a home in your hearts while you read their stories, or dare I hope, even after that. My deepest and most sincere wish is to touch your hearts, to truly touch your hearts at least once during what I hope will be a long and beautiful friendship.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, much love and light in your hearts, and a lot of passion because from personal experience, a life without passion is simply time wasted. I can only wish for you all that 2014 will bring you the kind of joy, happiness and peace of mind I feel right now as I’m writing this. I hope we’ll all have a great 2014 together, and that no matter our hopes and expectations, it will be even better.
Love you all!


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