#AToothforaFang coming out Aug – Sept from Dreamspinner Press!

Good news, my friends πŸ˜€ Good news.
I’m thrilled to tell you that my first mystery/suspense paranormal romance novel, A Tooth for a Fang, first of the Leader Murders series, has been accepted for publication by Dreamspinner Press!! You cannot imagine how excited I am about this, for a few reasons.

First, and most obvious to people who know me, is that I’ve been entirely obsessed with detectives & crimes stories for years. I’m an unrepentant and absolute fangirl of everything Sherlock Holmes / Hercule Poirot or anything resembling them, I watch countless detective TV shows and squee with delight each time I manage to find something I haven’t already gotten my teeth into. Yes, total geekdom, I know. So writing an agent/detective kind of character is a big deal to me, something I really, really wanted to do but also that scared me – after you see much on that tangent so awesomely well done, there’s going to be some doubting yourself and etc…

But then I thought, okay, worst case scenario: I don’t pull it off, it sucks then rots away at the very bottom of my rejected-works pile. But a gal has got to try first in order to fail, right? So I went with it, made it my own with my signature quirky, snarky main characters and humor…and some hot smex πŸ˜€ Less than you’ve read or will read in my Space Files R novella series, which is erotic romance borderline erotica (with happy endings), but I hope you won’t hold that against me πŸ™‚
I had a lot of fun with the worldbuilding for this novel (I always do, I know, I know…) and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. It’s an expanding universe, so I’m already rubbing my hands all plotting and scheming and coming up with new stories to set in it πŸ˜€

I’m also entirely thrilled about the set of characters you’ll get to meet, including Rick and Travis the MCs of this novel, but also some of the secondary ones are really cool (I think) and I hope you’ll like them because…reasons πŸ˜€
I’ve just received the awesome news this week so I’m still giddy and tingly all over, but I’m also already working on new stories so I apologize for not telling you guys right away.

Along with this bit of great news, I have some less than good too. Due to my head getting totally immersed into this M/M romance series, I haven’t been working on the Otherworlds Summons series as much as I would have liked. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my ‘written children’, but sometimes my focus just falls more on some than on others despite my infamous habit of working on multiple projects at the same time.
For those of you out there looking forward to Gargoyle Guardian, the third Otherworlds Summons novel, please know I am working on it and that I’m trying to make a late spring, maybe summer release. I think I’ll be taking a break from the series for a while after the third, especially since I’ve got my head all in a couple Liv Olteano projects right now…and some Livia Olteano ones too. I feel with the third novel in the Otherworlds Summons series I’ll have explored the world of the series pretty well, and I have this urge to bring to life other worlds my mind keeps coming up with. It’s like a compulsion, I can’t help it…


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