#AKingandAPawn will be out June 17 & Cover love xD

Hello, release date: June 17!

I’ve been sort of dying to share these things with you guys, like the awesomesauce cover AngstyG has come up with, and the blurb ofc, and coming soon the Dreamspinner Press pre-order link too.


A King and a Pawn
Leader Murders #3

Bert Cooper’s life used to be great, until his sister turned out to be a traitor. Now Bert feels the whole pack looks on him with doubt and suspicion. To prove his loyalty, he volunteers to be the first ambassador at Fey Court, gathering information to finally solve the Leader Murders and punish those plotting against the Council and community. At least, that was the plan….

When Bert meets Sir William Matthew Sims, Court Interrogator, and one hell of a sexy man, life becomes a balancing act. And when the Fey King is assassinated, things become really messy.

Pack politics, fey politics, treason, suspicions of treason…. Bert has to choose between being ruled by his fears or standing up for what—and who—he believes in. And it might just break his heart.
Coming out: June 17

Pre-order from Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

2 Comments on “#AKingandAPawn will be out June 17 & Cover love xD

  1. I cannot wait for this ! I absolutely loved the first two and I only just saw that the third book was on its way. It was a very welcomed surprised. Definetly going to pre order , once it hits ARe!

    I can’t wait to hear about what other WIPS you are working on.

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