Talked about Will’s kids over at MM Good Book Reviews

June 17 is nearly upon us, lol. I can’t wait to see Bert and Will out and about! So, to celebrate their release unto the unsuspecting population I’m going on a spamification spree around the blog-o-sphere, mwahahaha!

First victim in my evil campaign was MM Good Book Reviews, where I talked about Will’s children in And then there were six…. To soothe the viciousness of my spamification attack, lol, you can read an excerpt from A King and a Pawn, and also enter the giveaway for 1 ebook copy of A Tooth for a Fang + 1 ebook copy of A Counselor among Wolves to 1 lucky winner.

Expect the unexpected in days to come, too! And if you want more entries in the giveaway, hang around for news on next stops in my evil campaign!

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