Star-crossed Lover Giveaway Winner and #Dreamcatchers 3 news #mm #pnr

Star-crossed Lover Giveaway Winner and #Dreamcatchers 3 news #mm #pnr

Hey guys!
So, the launch tour for Star-crossed Lover is over. The winner of the tour giveaway is Jess – congrats! – who I’ve emailed too. Let’s wish her happy reading xD

The awesome news is that Lover Behind Enemy Lines aka Dreamcatchers #3 is coming out beginning of December! And I’m super excited for you guys to see that cover, but I can’t spoil the surprise yet, lol! I do love it, though. I love Claw, and can’t wait for him to share his story with you 😀 Those of you who read Star-crossed Lover already got a glimpse at Lover Behind Enemy Lines‘s Chapter 1, so you know what’s what and who’s falling for who.

The couple came as a bit of a surprise to me as I wrote the series, but as you already know, I always give my characters the freedom to do what they want, and the story goes where it will. Sometimes it’s a bumpy ride, sometimes it’s surprising or maybe frustrating here and there – I’m a big believer in stories not catering to our fantasies so much as taking us on unexpected journeys that include all elements of real life plus a bit of extra. When I write, I aim for us all to experience something new, unexpected, and exciting. It’s a journey, and we’re on it together, all of you and me. I enjoy your company and love every step along the way, destination unknown and all xD

Thank you all for joining me for the launch of Star-crossed Lover. <3 xoxo, Liv

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