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Let it snow, let it snow…

Or better yet, don’t. It’s snowing too much already. Winter has fallen over us without mercy. It’s so very cold, snowing and the Holidays are fast approaching. As I generally tend to, during this time of the year I’m inspired

Revisions – home of the brave ;=)

Myeah, after sort of completing the YA project I now feel it’s really going to go more NA. I think NA will be the best home for me, I dunno if I can properly feel these young adult characters. There’s

And just when you thought there was a silver lining, darkness falls. Sort of.

Maybe Nietzsche was right and the worst kind of torture is hope because it prologues the torment. But most likely not. If I had no hope, then I’d have no dream. Dreams need you to hope to achieve them to even begin to