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Talked about the wondering phase over at Divine Magazine

Hello, release day! xDDDD Bert and Will are finally out and about, mwahaha! To celebrate, I spamificated Divine Magazine with DOES HE FEEL IT TOO?, and Elaine White shared her thoughts on A King and a Pawn. Another chance to

Talked about Bert’s beta nature over at Alpha Book Club

The spamification campaign continues with Alpha Book Club, mwahaha! Where I talk about Bert’s beta nature in Bert Cooper, werewolf beta extraordinaire. Don’t miss your chance to enter the giveaway! Talk soon! XoXo, Liv

Talked about Will’s kids over at MM Good Book Reviews

June 17 is nearly upon us, lol. I can’t wait to see Bert and Will out and about! So, to celebrate their release unto the unsuspecting population I’m going on a spamification spree around the blog-o-sphere, mwahahaha! First victim in