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Goodreads Reviews and my Erotic Romance vs. Erotica understanding

Since the whole Goodreads reviews debate keeps going with all parts speaking up on many different topics, I thought I’d pour my own views on the matter, because I just gotta put my 2 cents in it. To begin with,

Authors, readers, reviewers – the never-ending story

I read this awesome blog post today, A Call for Diplomacy, Courtesy, Kindness, Whatever … by Rick R. Reed. Essentially, it talks about 3 sides of the book world – I cal them ‘teams’: Team Author, Team Reader and Team

#Author #Netiquette: Virtual #Book Tours

If you just had one of those, “Aw, hell no!” reactions to the title, let me begin by saying I’m writing this post more as a book blogger then an author wannabe. So this comes from the experience of having