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I guest posted as author for the first time: Dark Lover at What Daydrmzzz are made of… + Rants i.e. the usual

The bad news is the Sinister Seductions tour is now ending. The good news is it ends with a guest post by yours truly suggestively entitled Dark Lover. It was fun to do the tour thing, I’m looking forward to

Sinister Seductions on tour: What the Cat Read

Today Sinister Seductions visit What the Cat Read with a promo & review (to show up later then this post is published), so head on over and see it all in action right here 😀

First stop on the Sinister Seductions tour: Lisa’s World of Books

So, after philosophy, some good news! Sinister Seductions is now on tour, yeey! I’m terribly excited about it, and I can tell you guys I also did my first author guest post for a stop on this tour, it’s the