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Alea Iacta Est.

After having my PNR MS in the intensive care unit, the dice have been cast. All edits done, all plotting bunnies happily fluffed and allowed to run free. It was, I think, a short revision process, but it was very

The first query that wasn’t a disaster.

So, I finally got the first positive reply to a query. This was my…*counts*…10th version I think? Shorter, more in style of the manuscript itself I think, a bit more on the fun side since that’s how I end up

One R down, two to go. No news is bad news.

Well, it comes with the territory. The dreaded Rejection Email. One of my 3 submissions was rejected – I’m not actually very surprised. I mean, sure, I was hoping they wouldn’t R, but I was half-expecting they would. I think the rejection