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And just when you thought there was a silver lining, darkness falls. Sort of.

Maybe Nietzsche was right and the worst kind of torture is hope because it prologues the torment. But most likely not. If I had no hope, then I’d have no dream. Dreams need you to hope to achieve them to even begin to

Sinister Seductions is out to play :D

I’m very happy to let you guys know that the Sinister Seductions anthology is finally out, it can be purchased on Amazon, and I can’t wait to read it! And for you to read it, too 😀It looks spectacular, and

The first query that wasn’t a disaster.

So, I finally got the first positive reply to a query. This was my…*counts*…10th version I think? Shorter, more in style of the manuscript itself I think, a bit more on the fun side since that’s how I end up