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Goodreads Reviews and my Erotic Romance vs. Erotica understanding

Since the whole Goodreads reviews debate keeps going with all parts speaking up on many different topics, I thought I’d pour my own views on the matter, because I just gotta put my 2 cents in it. To begin with,

Authors, readers, reviewers – the never-ending story

I read this awesome blog post today, A Call for Diplomacy, Courtesy, Kindness, Whatever … by Rick R. Reed. Essentially, it talks about 3 sides of the book world – I cal them ‘teams’: Team Author, Team Reader and Team

I’m loving this year so far!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year was to work my butt off and write, write, write. Because it occurred to me that writers what writers do, so I need to write, write, write. Obviously I had more things then