The lovely Nikyta from The Blogger Girls gives Star-Crossed Lovers a 4.5 rating, and I’m thrilled she enjoyed Taka and Ginger as much as I did writing them!

Read her review here: Book Review: Star-Crossed Lover by Liv Olteano

Stopped by Open Skye Book Reviews to share Part 1 of Star-crossed Lovers‘s Playlist (and because I like to embed the songs, lol, We’re doing it in 2 parts so the post wouldn’t be a mile long, eheh). Stop by for a listen and enter the giveaway xD


I stopped by the Dreamspinner Press Blog and talked about how the sweetness of the Dreamcatchers series sort of took me by surprise. Check out he exclusive excerpts I used there to prove my point, lol!

And ofc please do enter the giveaway for the $10 Dreamspinner Press Store Giftcard. xD

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